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5on Our Website,Jan 16, 2018


Jim came as soon as he could after we called this morning, and repaired our kitchen sink. He was very kind, and fixed our sink with no problem. He was communicating with us while he was repairing, so we knew what what going on. It was another pleasant experience with this maintenance crew!

5on Our Website,Jan 16, 2018


Jimell & Tim came first thing in the morning to repair our sink stopper, and they worked very efficiently. They both were very kind, and respectful during the repairs.

5on Facebook,Sep 21, 2017


I love how quiet the area is. The maintainence crew were very helpful as well. Would definitely recommend this place.

5on Google,Aug 01, 2017


Nice place so far I like it

5on Google,Jul 21, 2017


Such a great leasing and maintenance staff. Quick response and friendly.

3on Apartment Ratings,Jul 21, 2017


Overall, these apartments met my short term needs. The staff were wonderful. The common areas of our building were kept very clean and the office staff were willing to help whenever requested. My two bedroom apartment was decent, the paint job wasn't the best but I believe that is due to being painted over many times. I could tell the place was well maintained between renters. The issues I had with these apartments were the fellow renters. I felt uncomfortable walking to and from the laundry rooms by myself, especially at night. Noise was a huge issue as well. The people below me played music as loud as they could, whenever they could. The people beside us got in multiple domestic desputes during our 6 month lease. The people in our building would smoke inside if it was "too cold" outside despite the no smoking sign. There was just a lot of outside noise, even at night. Children and teens outside, dogs barking, etc. With this being said, I think most of my concerns and complaints are common for this area, not just specific to Westgate. I think Westgate is doing the best they can given their location and the majority of people that live in the area.

5on Our Website,Jun 26, 2017


I LOVE where I live at!! I have never had any problems here. If you need something done the whole Westgate Team will do what ever it is they have to, to get the job done.. Come check them out and rent you an apartment or townhouse..

3on Facebook,May 30, 2017


I have been in Westgate for 5 years now.I didn't get the apartment I wanted, however I absolutely LOVE the maintenance crew!The location is PERFECT .I do wish they would do more to accommodate their residents a little more.Outside of that I LOVE Westgate .Especially April and the maintenence crew thanks guys for doing such a great job!

5on Google,May 03, 2017


I recently move in on 4/20/2017 and so far, I am really enjoying my stay here at Westgate Apartments. The application process was simple and quick, Barbara Williamson in the leasing office was very insightful and made the move in process that much easier. Within 2-3 days of applying I received my keys and was able to move in my belongings. The unit I received was in very good condition. The carpet was new, countertops were clean and polished, the shower/bathtub was very clean and in working condition. After living here for a couple days, I noticed that the ceiling fan seemed loose and wobbled whenever the fan was turned on. I let maintenance know and the fan was replaced the next morning. I will update this review in the near future once I have resided here for at least a few months.

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 24, 2017


First time I walked in the office, staff was very friendly by the time I was looking for apts. I got different options offered to me that were great for my family. The signing and moving process was easy and smooth. After moving in the service as been good my neighbors have been great I love my home and like they note on a white board on my fridge Now I'm Home! Thanks for everything WG!

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 21, 2017


Actually we are having good time here, the management are very good and helpful, my only problem is my dishwasher the water is not going out it smell bad, but overall We love the place and the people , we love the grocery and the washing machine

3on Apartment Ratings,Mar 10, 2017


It is nice and quiet, but not enough space in the apartment. No walk in closets make it difficult to store all personal items. No washer/dryer in unit makes it more difficult to get laundry done. Nice sized bedroom though.

3on Google,Mar 02, 2017


No Storage and small kitchen and bathroom plus not enough of the cabinet. Kitchen and bathroom wrong design and closet too small also.

5on Apartment Ratings,Feb 24, 2017


One of the best things about Westgate is the speed and professionalism of maintenance in replying to service requests. Requests placed via the website in the evening are customarily serviced within 24 hours maximum.

4on Apartment Ratings,Feb 23, 2017


Affordable prices, very spacious. Nice quiet neighbors. Crap parking. If you work late good luck finding a half way decent parking spot ! No dishwasher and a lot of people so navigating during the day especially the weekend is not fun. Other than that it's lovely!

4on Facebook,Feb 18, 2017

Ruth Moser

I wish there was more parking for out of town visitors

4on Apartment Ratings,Feb 02, 2017


It's a good place to live.Manassas Mall is around the corner and lots of business. Schools are wonderful in prince William county. The area is very safe to live and the community is very nice. Good place !

4on Apartment Ratings,Jan 22, 2017


Good community to live in, the parking is a little limited and can be frustrating for your visitors. The pool is a nice addition during the summer. I live in a town home and it's nice that there is a low monthly fee that covers the gas and the water.

5on Facebook,Jan 21, 2017


I like it,its Very peacefull environment realy maintenance team is very compitent helpful,i am here up to14 months,Appreciated the management and maintenance team,thanks

4on Apartment Ratings,Jan 18, 2017


Westgate is an affordable community that has been great for my development as a young working professional. My only real complaint is that I think there need to be some updates to make life more convenient while being a tenant. Including: possible dog park, possible additional full bath for townhomes, test insulation and ac to ensure no waste of energy. Otherwise, maintenance and office staff is personably, responsive, and respectful!

4on Apartment Ratings,Jan 16, 2017


I like living in this apartments, it's very confortable, very good area and the services it's very high quality. Very good free area smoking. The space is inside I like with storage, the speed of services or repairs.